Kolar Mouldings Highlight Our Radiator Cabinets

wooden radiator cover with lattice grille

We were recently featured on Kolar Mouldings where our grilles are manufactured to meet the high end design of our radiator cabinets.

You can read the full article by clicking on the link below.


About The Author

“I’m John Molloy, founder and head tea boy at Radiator Cabinets UK. Having studied furniture design and craftsmanship at college and University, I then went on to work in the industry before establishing Radiator Cabinets UK. My mission is to provide a quality, commissioned piece of furniture to every customer. I have found a solution for most scenarios over the years, but feel free to test me! My wife and I run RCUK together whist raising two very busy boys, always something happening, and wouldn’t have it any other way!”