Chiltern Radiator Cabinet Installation Fulham

Chiltern Radiator Cabinet Installation in Fulham

Sometimes it is all too easy to see the products in a shop window but then can be hard to envisage how they would like in a home. Our Radiator Covers are made to order bespoke for different types of radiator fittings and fixtures and have over the years become the norm in many London homes in and around Chelsea, Fulham and throughout West London.

Many of our customers want to have their whole homes fitted with our radiator covers and choosing which range can be the most complicated, but we think that in showcasing our radiator covers you can really get an idea of how the ranges look fitted in the home.

This recent cover installation is a bespoke fitting with 10 radiator covers throughout the whole house and the customer was fond of our Chiltern Range, apart from the one the one floating cabinet which is in our Empire Range. The Chiltern range is a very popular choice for traditional thinking homeowners and we install many of these in to homes around West London. Have a look at the gallery below and the work and how great the covers look.

You can view the entire Chilton range by Clicking Here.

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“I’m John Molloy, founder and head tea boy at Radiator Cabinets UK. Having studied furniture design and craftsmanship at college and University, I then went on to work in the industry before establishing Radiator Cabinets UK. My mission is to provide a quality, commissioned piece of furniture to every customer. I have found a solution for most scenarios over the years, but feel free to test me! My wife and I run RCUK together whist raising two very busy boys, always something happening, and wouldn’t have it any other way!”