Radiator Covers Are Attractive, Heat Efficient Enhancements To Your Living Space

Radiator Covers UK brass regency grille

Radiator covers that are bespoke to your requirements can add a touch of style to what, after all, is a very functional and often unattractive addition to a home’s living space – the radiator. There are also a host of practical reasons for searching for the right made to measure radiator covers. In this article, we look at why you should consider having radiator cabinets in each room in your house, as well as what a good cover for a radiator should look like. Finally, we offer some tips to bear in mind when searching for a manufacturer of these efficient and attractive additions to your home.

Can I Obtain Radiator Covers Cheap Or Should I Spend A Little More For Quality?

Since one of the purposes of covers for radiators is to add to the overall ambience of the room, it makes sense to look for ones that have elements of design involved in their overall make-up. That often can’t be done if you source radiator covers cheap. Off-the-shelf covers are standard sizes, which means that they may not always fit your own radiators exactly. That can unnecessarily eat into the space available in your room. You also tend to be limited in your options looks-wise; making it much harder to find a cover that adds appeal to your room’s décor. At best, they will no longer be a feature but a functional item; and at worst, they may actually detract from your decorative design. Bespoke radiator covers, in contrast, can either stand out or blend in as you wish. As well as a range of styles, they also come in different sizes, so you can pick one that precisely covers your radiator and doesn’t overwhelm the wall on which it’s installed. Good manufacturers will also offer options for every budget. So, no matter how much or how little you have to spend, you can add these to your room without breaking the bank. Whichever you choose, though, radiator covers UK wide protect your children’s little fingers and pets from extremes of heat and any accidental malfunction that could result in spurts of steam that can burn. When radiators are fully on and at their hottest, covers can also protect soft furnishings from heat that might damage delicate fabrics over time.

Should I Assume Wooden Radiator Covers Are Best Or Look At Alternatives?

Radiator covers also add valuable additional storage or seating space to a room. They’re sturdy enough to be used as a shelf for ornaments and photos, for instance. Larger models can be employed as a bench; ideal for situations where you may be entertaining, for example. And what about heat efficiency – surely the cabinets simply block heat? Not with a proper backing. In this case, radiator cabinets UK wide actually enhance the heat distribution within a room. The backing pushes the heat away from the wall and into the main body of the room itself, rather than upwards towards the ceiling. Research shows that good radiator coverings can increase the heat output in the lower part of the room by up to 4.5o. So are wooden radiator covers best for homes? Wood is a natural material with its own unique appeal. But in fact, there are better alternatives. Wood can warp and twist when exposed to extremes of heat, and if your cover has been painted to match your décor, this can result in peeling paint or exposure of any cracks or knots that appear over time. Better materials that can withstand higher temperatures and perform better in the long term include high-quality MDF or PVC. But all the benefits covers for radiators can offer are dependent on finding the right company for their manufacture. Look for a firm with many years’ experience, with an eye for design, that offers a wide range of options, styles and finishes, and you’ll experience the true value of the radiator cover you purchase. One company that delivers all this and more is Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd.

For Bespoke, Designer And Personal Radiator Covers, Come To Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

At Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd, we don’t trade in off-the-shelf radiator covers. Each radiator cover we make is a piece of furniture in its own right. It can be customised with the grille pattern of your choice and painted with exclusive Farrow and Ball paint in a colour that blends perfectly with your existing décor. We use only the very best of materials, including high-quality MDF that performs better than wooden alternatives. Our craftsmanship means that we offer the best radiator covers on the market, which are built to last. To find out more, browse the selection on our website at https://www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk. Here, you can request a home survey or place your order online. If you have any questions, we’re always delighted to answer them. Call us on 0161 370 4199, email sales@radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk or use our online contact form.

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