Why Radiator Cabinets?

Radiator cabinets and covers have many benefits. Decorative radiator cabinets really add that finishing touch to a room. They obscure unsightly metal radiators and their pipe work. Photos, mementos, flowers and ornaments can be displayed on the radiator cabinet shelf. Bespoke radiator covers are not only aesthetically pleasing, but have extra advantages.

Radiator cabinets are a safety feature, protecting young children as well as the elderly and infirm. Radiators give out so much heat they can cause serious burns especially to delicate skin.

Why ‘Radiator Cabinets UK’?

At Radiator Cabinets UK we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the furniture industry, but we love our radiator cabinets and we are confident you will too.

Every aspect is thought through, from the initial design meeting, to the bespoke fitting service. Our radiator cabinets are built to last, Great British craftsmanship at its best. We use the latest technology along-side traditional hand-skills to build stunning radiator covers.

We are the UK’s number one radiator cabinet company, allowing our customers to design their ideal cabinet on our state of the art website. As well as being able to buy radiator covers directly from our website, you can also choose a more traditional route and have one of our designers visit your home to talk through your radiator cabinet design in person.

Radiator Cover Benefits

You get to choose every aspect of the cabinet you order tailor-made to suit your wants and tastes.  The ranges of finishes are vast, from any colour spray finish, to vinyl wrap choices. Ultra-modern radiator covers are available in a huge range of styles and finishes.

To save on costs, you can measure for and fit the radiator covers yourself, or have a friend fit them? Not a problem. We have an instructional video on our website to show you exactly how to.

You will get a radiator cover that is going to look as good in five or ten years’ time as it does the day it is fitted.

Our Unique Selling Point

No other made to measure radiator cabinet company offers both an on-line purchase and bespoke home measuring and fitting service.

No other radiator cabinet and cover company can beat us on choice or quality. Our ingenious bracket system means you don’t have to risk drilling holes in your wall. The installation is so simple almost anyone with basic DIY skills can achieve a fantastic result.

Why not visit our website at www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk or call us on 0800 009 3314 to arrange your free design consultation.


We have had a busy month installing Radiator Cabinets throughout homes in the UK in time for Christmas, we have seen a rise in customers choosing our Chiltern Radiator Cabinet range and when you look at them in these homes, it is easy to see why. The Chiltern range effortlessly integrates with modern and traditional properties and our bespoke range and master craftsmen bring quality to every installation we do. These are not your average radiator cabinets from the big chain stores, these are handmade to integrate with your home and become a talking point of your home. Here is a testimonial from the client we installed these radiator cabinets for:
We are really happy with the radiator cover, it is worlds apart from the awful thing we had – it oozes quality! My parents were admiring it yesterday and commented on how sturdy it is and what a lovely finish it has.

We will definitely be looking to have a cover for the radiator on our landing at some point next year (we’ll just get Christmas out of the way and get things a bit more settled!!), we will give you a call when we’re ready to get on with it.

If you would like me to write a recommendation for future clients, I am more than happy to as we feel that your products and service are excellent!! I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas.

justineradiator cabinets uk customer




We understand that radiator cabinets can be decorative for the home, but for us it goes beyond being a desirable decorative furniture and into health and safety. We work with many private and commercial sector companies supplying radiator cabinets throughout the country and we regularly hear of horror stories where patients, elderly and the young have been burnt by an exposed radiator.For us, making sure the radiator cabinets are designed in line with your existing decor is paramount, but so to is making sure your family, guests and staff are also kept free from burn injuries, below are a couple of links to sites where radiator burns have caused trauma and even death.

A young toddler was scarred for life after playing too close to a radiator cabinet & burning her hand on the radiator.
Nursing Home blamed for the death of an elderly guest, unfortunately the guest became trapped between a wardrobe and a radiator that was on during winter and died as a result of his injuries.


Radiator Cabinets UK have a commercial division dedicated to supplying and building radiator cabinets for care homes throughout the UK. With emphasis on risk assessment, we have been working with many care homes to install our ranges of radiator cabinets to minimise injury to guests staying at the home.

Our commercial radiator covers meet all health and safety requirements, whilst continuing to be aesthetically pleasing. They are especially recommended for use in hospitals, schools, care-homes, nurseries and retirement homes. We cater for all environments, especially those which may house the young, elderly or infirm.

Our made-to-measure radiator cabinets and radiator covers prevent physical contact with the heat of the radiator without blocking heat and preventing the room from warming up. The curved edges ensure a further degree of safety and the opening in the cabinet aids the efficiency of the radiator as this creates a flue effect of air being drawn through the cabinet and being more evenly distributed throughout the room our bespoke radiator covers are used to ensure that the maximum surface temperature that a resident, patient, or visitor can be exposed to is 43 degrees centigrade. This temperature is determined by the NHS directive DN4.

The NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, “Safe hot water and surface temperatures” ISBN 0113221584 formally known as DN4, was issued following a number of serious accidents, some of which proved fatal, arising from the high surface temperatures of radiators.

Managing the risk from hot surfaces