Radiator Cabinets – Frequently Asked Questions – And Answers

When you look to order custom-made radiator cabinets, you want to feel reassured you’re getting exactly what you requested. We have tried to breakdown the most frequently asked questions regarding our radiator cabinets services and collections and provide clear answers. If you need clarification on any points, just get in touch via our chatbox or drop us an email. 

From the safety of radiator cabinets to the styles available, browse our FAQs for more information.

  • Ready-Made Radiator Covers, From £175.00
  • Custom-Made Radiator Covers, From £199.00
  • Bespoke Service, From £1k (2-3 radiator cabinets)
  • Bespoke Service, From £2k (3-4 radiator cabinets)
  • Bespoke Service, From £3k (5+ radiator cabinets)
  • Delivery is included in the price shown, however, we may need to charge extra for shipments to the Highlands, Islands, Europe or the USA.
  • We may send large radiator cabinets part-assembled to more remote areas outside our standard delivery network.
  • The size and number of radiator covers required
  • Custom colours and finishes, especially High Gloss
  • Radiator Grille choice, especially brass options
  • The difficulty of installation (bespoke service)
  • Yes, please send a photo of the radiator and surround space. Our experts will mark-on where you need to measure from and to. We can find a solution for almost any scenario, including radiators close to window sills/dado rails, close to door frames or in alcoves. You can send photos via our online chat or Whatsapp.
  • Yes, if you request our bespoke service. Please see the price guide above.
  • Only if you don’t proceed with an order, we provide a clear indication of the cost before committing to a survey. Charges only apply for certain postcodes, please call for more details.
  • Our lead-time for made to measure radiator covers is three to five weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the radiator cabinet order. All radiator covers and cabinets are made to order hence the lead time, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  • Ready-made radiator cabinets are delivered in7-10 days usually
  • Our bespoke radiator cabinets, as well as transforming the look of your home, office or school will also act as a safety feature. With sharp metal edges and extremely hot surfaces, radiators can be very dangerous. Our cabinets are designed to protect, without reducing heat out-put. Our well-designed radiator cabinets and radiator covers will protect you and your family from possible injury without increasing your energy bills!
  • Display items can be placed on the top of the radiator cabinet, because of the resin in the sprayed lacquer we use in the paint. It is incredibly hard and durable, feel free to place family pictures and ornaments on the radiator cover shelf.
  • Yes, manufacture many of our own products. Made to measure items are manufactured in the UK at our own workshop/factory. Some of our radiator cover components are manufactured in Europe. We also hold stocks of imported and British made radiator cabinet grilles. So we can respond to our customers’ requirements very quickly and provide a high level of customer service.
  • We work with Parcelforce to ship our radiator covers and cabinets to more remote locations and outside of the U.K., These units will be part-assembled (super simple assembly). We may not be able to honour the sale of very large cabinets (over 220cm long) to very remote locations. Please call for shipping charges outside of the UK.
  • Our radiator cabinets are manufactured using a catch system. This means the front of your radiator cabinet will simply open up when required to provide full access to the radiator and valves.
  • Our radiator cabinets fit to the wall using brackets already attached to the cabinet when you receive it. See our installation guide for clear installation instructions.

Radiator Cover FAQs

Our radiator covers are specially-designed to ensure that the heat output from your heaters remains efficient. Because of the materials chosen to create our cabinets and the designs themselves, there is plenty of airflow to allow heat to efficiently warm your space.

At Radiator Cabinets UK, the best radiator covers are well-made, well-designed and custom to your space. This is exactly how we work. Every home has its own aesthetic and style. Your radiator covers shouldn’t be any different. This is exactly why we offer a bespoke service so that you are able to cover your heaters with something that adds value to your space.

When you’re looking for the best radiator covers for your home, consider the overall style of your space. Do you want your cover to stand out as a piece of statement furniture or subtly blend into the rest of your interior design? Whichever direction you choose, we can help.

Our customers tend to add radiator covers to their homes for two key reasons:

• They look great. Radiator covers are a fantastic way to quickly and stylishly cover unattractive radiators that need to stay put for central heating. Radiators can look cold and sharp and at worst, they can get rusty and tired. A radiator cover solves this problem while adding a beautiful piece of use furniture to your space.

• Safety. Many households with children don’t want the danger of metal, sharp and hot radiators that are easily accessible to little ones. Radiator covers allow you to keep your home warm, while making the area child-friendly and covers sharp edges and hot pipes and surfaces.

One misconception about radiator covers is that they are potentially dangerous. It can be assumed that by covering a heat source there is the risk of over-heating the furniture. However, our radiator covers are designed specifically to be placed over a heat source. The design and materials are selected to ensure absolute safety and, in-fact, an exposed very hot radiator can be much more dangerous than a safely covered one.

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