Wooden Lattice Grilles

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Wooden Lattice Grilles


Create a bespoke look in your home with our premium grade wooden lattice grilles. Crafted in solid wood, a lattice grille is a stunning way to enhance cabinets, radiator covers and even decorative screening. This versatile design balances classic style with a contemporary twist. There is also a huge range of finishes to choose from. From stain, wax or lacquer to varnish or paint, our wooden lattice grilles can be finished to suit your interior style.


Our hardwood lattice grilles are 1200mm x 620mm with beech slats of 4mm in thickness. Our price includes delivery to your door. For unfinished wooden lattice grilles, we can offer a 48hr delivery service.


We also offer a full custom service. Just click over to the custom tab to let us know the exact size, colour and finish you’re looking for and we’ll come back to you with a custom quote for your design.


How are the wooden lattice grilles finished?


Crafted in solid hardwood, our grilles are sturdy and durable. This also means we can offer a wide range of finishes to ensure you get the perfect solution to suit your home style.


Our finishes include wood stain for a subtle look or wax or lacquer for a more distinctive finish. If you’re looking to coordinate your grilles with your room, we can also offer varnish or paint finish for a complete custom design for your space.


Where can I use wooden lattice grilles?


Our lattice grilles are particularly popular for use as radiator covers. But their versatility makes them ideal for a plethora of other uses within the home.


Radiator Cover Grilles


Adding design and polish to a space, cover tired and unattractive radiators with our wooden radiator covers. Complete with our wooden lattice grilles. Adding warmth to any room in the house, these detailed radiator cover grilles allow the heat to circulate yet cover heaters currently detracting from your interior style.




Transform cabinets instantly with our wood lattice grilles. Whether you’re looking to add detail to a simple space or coordinate with other furniture in your home, adding a wooden lattice grille to a bespoke cabinet further customises your space.


Kitchen Unit Inserts with wooden lattice grilles


Take your kitchen design to the next level and say goodbye to boring kitchen unit fronts. Add our lattice grilles to your kitchen unit inserts and transform your kitchen space in an instant. Coordinating perfectly with classic and traditional kitchen designs, lattice grilles are also great to add detail to an otherwise minimal modern kitchen.


Decorative Screening


Not just used for cabinets and radiator covers, our lattice grilles are also popular to create decorative screening. Use the grilles to create bespoke room separator screens for anywhere from the bedroom to the garden.


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If you’re looking for wooden lattice grilles in a range of different patterns and designs, we’ve got you covered. From contemporary diamond designs to more intricate filigree or Pimlico cuts, choose a wooden lattice grille that works beautifully with the rest of your space. Our laser cut MDF grilles are the ideal solution.

    • 1200mm x 620mm hardwood lattice grilles


    • Beech Slats 4mm Thick


    • Price Includes Delivery


    • 48hr delivery for unfinished grilles


  • Premium grade