Top 5 Summer Styles from Radiator Cabinets UK

For many UK homeowners, summer is not just the time of year to get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but also the time to give their home’s interior a fresh look. Updating your home’s interior can give it a more festive, seasonal look and add some much needed style that matches the summer days.

While interior designer and home DIY’ers are creating a new look, they often forget about some of the basic accents that are in a room. Radiator cabinets are an often overlooked design aspect in many homes as homeowners just assume there isn’t much you can do about them anyway.

Modern radiator cabinets are not boring and obtrusive any more. In fact, there are many new designs that are beautiful, stylish and almost become a part of your home’s interior design aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some stylish radiator cabinets that will accent your summer style and give your home a new look:

Top 5 Summer Styles from Radiator Cabinets UK

Waves Range Radiator Cabinet- this made to order radiator cabinet offers a tough, durable finish and a distinct wave pattern making it perfect for your new summer look. Let the waves design carry you away to a beach somewhere where you can relax with a cold drink and listen to the ocean crash against the shore.

Arabic Radiator Cabinet- with a beautifully designed Arabic pattern, this fully assembled, built to last radiator cabinet will evoke images of a desert oasis with cool, sparkling water and tall palm trees providing shade. What is more “summery” than that?

Damask Radiator Cabinet- beautifully adorned with an almost floral pattern, the Damask radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK can provide a calming effect in your home that is reminiscent of a flower garden with a cool breeze blowing on a lazy summer day.

Rings Radiator Cover- almost porthole-like in appearance, the Rings Radiator cover will remind you of a summer day sailing on the water to an uncharted island where you swim ashore and relax on a private beach for hours on end.

Baroque Radiator Cabinet- with a feeling of elegance and refinement, the Baroque radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK will brighten up your home making it seem like summertime every day of the year. There is something about the Baroque pattern that just makes you think of happy summer days enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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How Radiator Cabinets UK Can Bring A Whole New Style to Your Home

Have you ever noticed that the look of a room can be changed with the addition of just one accent piece of furniture? Perhaps you have visited a friend or family member and you have been in their home several times before, but this time, everything looked completely different. You can’t figure out what it is, and you don’t want to ask if it the room really hasn’t changed, but there is still something different about it. Chances are, it isn’t a new piece of furniture or an expensive work of art hanging on the wall, but a new radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK.

Cover Up Those Unattractive Radiators in Your Home

Offering a wide range of styles, colours and designs, Radiator Cabinets UK is changing the way UK homes look, one radiator cover at a time. Radiators have never been a stylish part of your home. They are bulky, unattractive and purposeful. In fact, the only time we ever think of them is when they aren’t working properly, and we have to call the repair person to fix them. Other than that, the radiators in most UK homes go unnoticed. What if you could take that eyesore and make it a design accent of your home or even a focal point of a room that actually gets compliments instead of glares. That is what Radiator Cabinets UK set out to do and they have done a very good job at it so far.

Benefits of Radiator Cabinets

With styles to fit over any sized radiator as well as many custom designs that are tailor made for your home and your specific interior design theme, Radiator Cabinets UK has a custom radiator cabinet to suit your needs and your style. Radiator cabinets are a safe alternative to the sharp corners of some radiators and they can protect small children from getting burned when they touch exposed radiators. Another benefit of radiator cabinets from Radiator Cabinets UK is that that will also add value to your home giving it a custom touch that today’s homebuyers are looking for.

To learn more about how Radiator Cabinets UK can create a custom tailored radiator cabinet for your home, contact us now and let one of our representatives assist you today!

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