When it comes to the stage when your radiators are looking tired and dated a difficult quandary arrises. Do you replace the whole heating system, which could cost many thousands of pounds? Or do you opt for Radiator Cabinets or Covers?

See the radiator with and without the radiator cover

It’s not an easy choice and there are a number of factors to consider: 

The basic principal behind central heating systems have changed very little over the years. Water is heated via a boiler, and fed through the radiator system to heat the house and individual rooms. Although modern boilers are much more efficient these days, the radiator still performs the same basic task. It radiates the heat, via conduction and convection, converting the warm water and steam held within into warm air. As well as performing the same task, modern radiators are still as uninspiring as ever and really look out of place in a well designed home.

If you did decide to update your boiler, you could save a considerable part of your budget by covering the old radiators with radiator cabinets or covers. If your existing radiators still perform well, why replace them? 

Well designed radiator cabinets will inject style and character in to any home.