Radiator Covers Are Attractive, Heat Efficient Enhancements To Your Living Space

Radiator covers that are bespoke to your requirements can add a touch of style to what, after all, is a very functional and often unattractive addition to a home’s living space – the radiator. There are also a host of practical reasons for searching for the right made to measure radiator covers. In this article, we look at why you should consider having radiator cabinets in each room in your house, as well as what a good cover for a radiator should look like. Finally, we offer some tips to bear in mind when searching for a manufacturer of these efficient and attractive additions to your home.

Can I Obtain Radiator Covers Cheap Or Should I Spend A Little More For Quality?

Since one of the purposes of covers for radiators is to add to the overall ambience of the room, it makes sense to look for ones that have elements of design involved in their overall make-up. That often can’t be done if you source radiator covers cheap. Off-the-shelf covers are standard sizes, which means that they may not always fit your own radiators exactly. That can unnecessarily eat into the space available in your room. You also tend to be limited in your options looks-wise; making it much harder to find a cover that adds appeal to your room’s décor. At best, they will no longer be a feature but a functional item; and at worst, they may actually detract from your decorative design. Bespoke radiator covers, in contrast, can either stand out or blend in as you wish. As well as a range of styles, they also come in different sizes, so you can pick one that precisely covers your radiator and doesn’t overwhelm the wall on which it’s installed. Good manufacturers will also offer options for every budget. So, no matter how much or how little you have to spend, you can add these to your room without breaking the bank. Whichever you choose, though, radiator covers UK wide protect your children’s little fingers and pets from extremes of heat and any accidental malfunction that could result in spurts of steam that can burn. When radiators are fully on and at their hottest, covers can also protect soft furnishings from heat that might damage delicate fabrics over time.

Should I Assume Wooden Radiator Covers Are Best Or Look At Alternatives?

Radiator covers also add valuable additional storage or seating space to a room. They’re sturdy enough to be used as a shelf for ornaments and photos, for instance. Larger models can be employed as a bench; ideal for situations where you may be entertaining, for example. And what about heat efficiency – surely the cabinets simply block heat? Not with a proper backing. In this case, radiator cabinets UK wide actually enhance the heat distribution within a room. The backing pushes the heat away from the wall and into the main body of the room itself, rather than upwards towards the ceiling. Research shows that good radiator coverings can increase the heat output in the lower part of the room by up to 4.5o. So are wooden radiator covers best for homes? Wood is a natural material with its own unique appeal. But in fact, there are better alternatives. Wood can warp and twist when exposed to extremes of heat, and if your cover has been painted to match your décor, this can result in peeling paint or exposure of any cracks or knots that appear over time. Better materials that can withstand higher temperatures and perform better in the long term include high-quality MDF or PVC. But all the benefits covers for radiators can offer are dependent on finding the right company for their manufacture. Look for a firm with many years’ experience, with an eye for design, that offers a wide range of options, styles and finishes, and you’ll experience the true value of the radiator cover you purchase. One company that delivers all this and more is Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd.

For Bespoke, Designer And Personal Radiator Covers, Come To Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd

At Radiator Cabinets UK Ltd, we don’t trade in off-the-shelf radiator covers. Each radiator cover we make is a piece of furniture in its own right. It can be customised with the grille pattern of your choice and painted with exclusive Farrow and Ball paint in a colour that blends perfectly with your existing décor. We use only the very best of materials, including high-quality MDF that performs better than wooden alternatives. Our craftsmanship means that we offer the best radiator covers on the market, which are built to last. To find out more, browse the selection on our website at https://www.radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk. Here, you can request a home survey or place your order online. If you have any questions, we’re always delighted to answer them. Call us on 0161 370 4199, email sales@radiatorcabinetsuk.co.uk or use our online contact form.

Wall Panels – Be Stylish, Be Different

If you take a look around your home at the walls and what you have hanging on them, just how useful are those items? Sure, everyone loves art hanging in their walls and it can even have a beneficial, soothing effect depending on the image and medium used. And, of course, that big screen television has its many uses from entertaining us and providing news and information, to becoming a smart home’s security and control hub. But aside from these few items and those unattractive wall sconces you received for your birthday two years ago, your home’s walls might start to look a little boring. Why not spice things up a bit and put something on your wall that does more than just look good, but provides an energy efficient source of heat as well?

Stylish and Different Radiator Wall Panels

What I am talking about are radiator wall panels that supply comforting warmth and that look stylish and attractive at the same time. Forget what you know about radiator panels of the past and take a look at some of the latest offerings from Radiator Cabinets UK. As one of the leading UK radiator retailers, Radiator Cabinets UK offers a wide range of beautifully designed radiator cabinets and radiator wall panels that not only look good but perform flawlessly as well.

Radiator wall panels come in a wide range of sizes, styles and colours and are designed to provide a custom-tailored look for your home that will definitely make it the place to be for holiday parties and family gatherings. From the Crystal Wall Panel and Wave Wall Panel, to the Maze Wall Panel, Drop Wall Panel and Moon Wall Panel, Radiator Cabinets UK can help you find the right wall panel for your home and your family’s needs. Adding warmth and beauty has never been this easy and Radiator Cabinets UK is a company that stands behind every product they sell.

If you want something different to hang on your wall that will add style and beauty to your home while providing the energy saving warmth your family needs on those cold days, contact Radiator Cabinets UK and see what they have to offer. You can upgrade your home’s look today without spending a fortune.

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Top 5 Summer Styles from Radiator Cabinets UK

For many UK homeowners, summer is not just the time of year to get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but also the time to give their home’s interior a fresh look. Updating your home’s interior can give it a more festive, seasonal look and add some much needed style that matches the summer days.

While interior designer and home DIY’ers are creating a new look, they often forget about some of the basic accents that are in a room. Radiator cabinets are an often overlooked design aspect in many homes as homeowners just assume there isn’t much you can do about them anyway.

Modern radiator cabinets are not boring and obtrusive any more. In fact, there are many new designs that are beautiful, stylish and almost become a part of your home’s interior design aesthetic. Let’s take a look at some stylish radiator cabinets that will accent your summer style and give your home a new look:

Top 5 Summer Styles from Radiator Cabinets UK

Waves Range Radiator Cabinet- this made to order radiator cabinet offers a tough, durable finish and a distinct wave pattern making it perfect for your new summer look. Let the waves design carry you away to a beach somewhere where you can relax with a cold drink and listen to the ocean crash against the shore.

Arabic Radiator Cabinet- with a beautifully designed Arabic pattern, this fully assembled, built to last radiator cabinet will evoke images of a desert oasis with cool, sparkling water and tall palm trees providing shade. What is more “summery” than that?

Damask Radiator Cabinet- beautifully adorned with an almost floral pattern, the Damask radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK can provide a calming effect in your home that is reminiscent of a flower garden with a cool breeze blowing on a lazy summer day.

Rings Radiator Cover- almost porthole-like in appearance, the Rings Radiator cover will remind you of a summer day sailing on the water to an uncharted island where you swim ashore and relax on a private beach for hours on end.

Baroque Radiator Cabinet- with a feeling of elegance and refinement, the Baroque radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK will brighten up your home making it seem like summertime every day of the year. There is something about the Baroque pattern that just makes you think of happy summer days enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors.

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Radiator Cabinets, An Essential to Any Luxury Home

There is something about a luxury home that makes it appealing to us. Perhaps it is the additional space they offer, the innovative design elements that are built into them or it could be the fact that they offer breathtaking views outside every window. Whatever it is that draws you towards luxury homes, we can all agree that they wouldn’t be the same without those special custom touches that make them so unique from every other home on the market.

New Luxury Designs Focus on Clean Spaces

Most certainly, we think of luxury homes as extravagant and over the top, but the new design cues that we are seeing in today’s luxury homes is centered on minimalism and built-in features that aren’t readily noticed. When a room flows and you don’t see what is always there, that is when the designers have truly accomplished their mission.

This is what Radiator Cabinets UK has also accomplished with their full range of high quality, custom designed radiator cabinets. Each cabinet is created to fit over many standard home radiators and disguise them as part of the home itself making the room look more clean and spacious while still enabling the radiator to do its job.

Radiator Cabinets an Essential Design Element for Today’s Luxury Homes

Why add a radiator cabinet to your luxury home? When you consider how much money you spent designed, building and decorating your home, why would you leave an exposed radiator to distract from the natural beauty you have created? This is what the designers at Radiator Cabinets UK thought of when they created their latest line of radiator cabinets. From modern, contemporary and traditional designs, to a wide selection of custom tailored options designed to suit your home, Radiator Cabinets UK can help turn your unattractive radiator into an essential design element for your home.

Add beauty, safety and style to your home while increasing its value with a radiator cabinet from Radiator Cabinets UK and experience the difference this essential design element can make for your home today.

To learn more about how Radiator Cabinets UK can create a custom tailored radiator cabinet for your home, contact us now and let one of our representatives assist you today!

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Chiltern Radiator Cabinet Installation Fulham

Sometimes it is all too easy to see the products in a shop window but then can be hard to envisage how they would like in a home. Our Radiator Covers are made to order bespoke for different types of radiator fittings and fixtures and have over the years become the norm in many London homes in and around Chelsea, Fulham and throughout West London.

Many of our customers want to have their whole homes fitted with our radiator covers and choosing which range can be the most complicated, but we think that in showcasing our radiator covers you can really get an idea of how the ranges look fitted in the home.

This recent cover installation is a bespoke fitting with 10 radiator covers throughout the whole house and the customer was fond of our Chiltern Range, apart from the one the one floating cabinet which is in our Empire Range. The Chiltern range is a very popular choice for traditional thinking homeowners and we install many of these in to homes around West London. Have a look at the gallery below and the work and how great the covers look.

You can view the entire Chilton range by Clicking Here.

Dressing Up Your Radiators! Send Us Your Pictures!

Most radiators are boring – let’s face it, they sit there all white and normal and can be as normal as an electricity pylon! Here at Radiator Cabinets UK we want you to dress your radiators up and change this for the good of your home and to make your radiators happy!

Here is a picture from Sarah Bryan who bought a designer radiator cover from our digital radiator cover range and looks amazing in the hallway! Check out the pic she sent in for us and please feel free to send us your pictures so we can showcase them on the site.

digital radiator cabinet range installed final picture



We understand that radiator cabinets can be decorative for the home, but for us it goes beyond being a desirable decorative furniture and into health and safety. We work with many private and commercial sector companies supplying radiator cabinets throughout the country and we regularly hear of horror stories where patients, elderly and the young have been burnt by an exposed radiator. For us, making sure the radiator cabinets are designed in line with your existing decor is paramount, but so to is making sure your family, guests and staff are also kept free from burn injuries, below are a couple of links to sites where radiator burns have caused trauma and even death.

A young toddler was scarred for life after playing too close to a radiator cabinet & burning her hand on the radiator.
Nursing Home blamed for the death of an elderly guest, unfortunately the guest became trapped between a wardrobe and a radiator that was on during winter and died as a result of his injuries.


Radiator Cabinets UK have a commercial division dedicated to supplying and building radiator cabinets for care homes throughout the UK. With emphasis on risk assessment, we have been working with many care homes to install our ranges of radiator cabinets to minimise injury to guests staying at the home.

Our commercial radiator covers meet all health and safety requirements, whilst continuing to be aesthetically pleasing. They are especially recommended for use in hospitals, schools, care-homes, nurseries and retirement homes. We cater for all environments, especially those which may house the young, elderly or infirm.

Our made-to-measure radiator cabinets and radiator covers prevent physical contact with the heat of the radiator without blocking heat and preventing the room from warming up. The curved edges ensure a further degree of safety and the opening in the cabinet aids the efficiency of the radiator as this creates a flue effect of air being drawn through the cabinet and being more evenly distributed throughout the room our bespoke radiator covers are used to ensure that the maximum surface temperature that a resident, patient, or visitor can be exposed to is 43 degrees centigrade. This temperature is determined by the NHS directive DN4.

The NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, “Safe hot water and surface temperatures” ISBN 0113221584 formally known as DN4, was issued following a number of serious accidents, some of which proved fatal, arising from the high surface temperatures of radiators.

Managing the risk from hot surfaces